Air and oil filtration plant

Mann + Hummel, Jiading

Mann und Hummel, whose headquarters are in Ludwigsburg, brought their production plant in Baoshan and the administration in Shanghai under one roof in 2009. The leading world producer of oil and air filters chose Jiading for the new site, in close proximity to major car manufacturers. Central to the new production site were streamlined goods delivery and efficient despatch systems. Potential for easy expansion for injection moulding machines and production halls were also factored into the construction plans. A cleverly devised system using air-lock technology between the warehouse and assembly sections serves to keep out dust and optimise journeys that have to be made between both areas. Special highlights are the energy supply bridge for the machines, the geothermal system for cooling the plant and the clear, up-to-date interior design features in the administration section. There is also a pleasant, eye-catching green area round the whole building.