Light a KongMing latern and fly up your wishes!


In southern China, the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival takes place every year on the 15th of August according to the lunar calendar and on the 13th of September according to the Gregorian calendar.

People then ignite the Kong Ming lantern and let their wishes and hopes rise above.
It is said that during the Three Kingdoms dynasty, the great Chinese military advisor, Zhu Ge Kong Ming (also known as Zhu Geliang), developed this light working like a small hot air balloon. When his troops were trapped, he used the flying lanterns to call for help, saving a whole army. Today, people use the light shrouded in thin paper to send their wishes and hopes on Mid-Autumn to the moon. Of course, the family gatherings, the moon cakes tasting and the viewing of the perfectly round moon on this day should not be missed. MPS wishes its valued employees, customers and business partners that all their wishes for Mid-Autumn come true.

Picture Source: MPS